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Special TPE TPE solution

A new standard of compounding.
Here are the materials developed with our unique blend & alloy and dynamic cross-linking technology.

Bonding grade TPE
As the olefin based dynamic cross-linked material, it has the grade of maximizing adhesiveness with conventional materials like PP/EPDM.
Use Insert injection and multiple extrusion of various polymer items
Silicone based TPE
As the TPO, TPS, and TPU based dynamic cross-linked silicone , this developed material provides silky soft, high slip features and anti-scratch.
Use Wearable, Sheet, Film, High-sensitivity product, and Products that need the slip feature
Foamed TPE
Thanks to its excellent wear-resistance and softness, it shows far better performance than other materials with the same hardness.
Use Automotive interior trim, Console armrest, Dash board, Instrument Panel
Dynamic vulcanized TPS
This material was developed with the dynamic cross-linking process of hard segment of TIPS, so that its compression set is greatly improved at a high service temperature. In addition, it shows excellent oil-resistance.
Use Elastic items around automotive engine, Elastic items exposed to high temperature and oil