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PVC hardness Shore 45A to 85D

PVC is a typical universal-type TPE. Its properties like firmness or endurance can be changed depending on a type of additive mixed in a process. With the use of the characteristic, the material is widely used for a variety of items including construction items and living supplies. Since it has excellent chemicalresistance and endurance, it is possible to provide appropriate solutions in diverse areas. In addition, PVC/NBR that overcomes the aging-induced elasticity damage can be developed in line with a customer’s requirements. PVC/TPU has higher elasticity, more heat-resistance, and better mechanical properties than PVC, and better workability, good hydrolysis and lower cost than TPU. Therefore, its use expands more to various application areas.

PVC Characteristic

Material characteristic
  • Implementing all properties of TPE.
  • Implementing all colors at customer's reguest.
  • Applying to the materials that require high chemical-resistance and endurance.

It is possible to apply to all kinds of industrial areas, and it is generally usable for rubber-replacement products.

  • Pipe
  • Automotive Parts
  • Pipe Tubes
  • Films