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TPS hardness Shore 00A to 40D

TPS is Styrene Butadiene Copolymer (SBC), featuring excellent clarity, high shock absorption and great processability. In particular, it is possible to give different types of hardness and properties at customer’s request. Safe with the human body, this material can be applied to the items that contact skin. It can provide a special solution in all application areas including injection and extrusion.

TPS Characteristic

Material characteristic
  • Implementation of very soft (ultra-low hardness) sensitivity
  • High elasticity and elongation
  • Implementation of transparent & semi-transparent features and very clear coloring
  • Excllent Olefin adhesiveness

This material has a wide range of use. Thanks to its high softness and smooth grip sense, it is used for living supplies, sports items, and other various products. Its use expands to automotive parts.

  • Handle, Ballpoint pens, Racket grip insert materials
  • Vibrating pads
  • Gel for insertion, toys, etc.
  • Automotive interior materials